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Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Ladybugs...

The Ladybug Poem
by Marie Lawrence (with her kind permission)

Although you are known
the world around,
you're firmly anchored
with feet on the ground-
a noble bug
is how they refer to you,
yet you don't pretend to be anything more
than a ladybug through and through-
a most colorful character
well regarded in folklore,
whilest other with loftier aspiration
may never receive such admiration...
indeed, could you ask for more?
no, you don't put on airs
as you climb a flower so fair
nor for the opinion of others
do you even care...
you don't stop to think about
those that are bigger, faster,
or mightier than you-
you just continue to climb up that wall
and many marvel and say
"she is so small..."
but the little ladybug pays no mind-
she just does it any way...
a humble little creature of this earth
so satisfied with his turf
a divine inspiration
"to thine ownself be true,"
oh little bug,
how we could all learn from you!

-Marie Lawrence

Tidbit for today: Smile please and say ladybug!

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