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Monday, November 2, 2009

Photo journey of travels to Iowa, October 2009

My husband and I just returned from a driving trip to Iowa
to move my husband's dear Mom, Florence, to her new home
in an independent living apartment. She's been through so much
health-wise since July, has lost her last surviving sister and brother,
and needed to sell her home and her car and set up housekeeping
in an apartment. WOW!

She's doing great, so proud of her! She's 78 years young, and this
move to her aparment, now that it's done, will help relieve much
of her stress and anxiety, and she'll be with people much of the time,
no more isolation. A NEW LIFE! YEA FOR HER! Go, Florence!

Here are a few photos of the gorgeous farm country through Nebraska and Iowa.

This is a mural Florence painted on a wall in her garage - lovely!

More countryside pics...

As you can see, the sky was overcast and stormy, but we did have some sun, thus the last photo of sun in my sideview mirror! (these pics were taken through my car window as my husband was driving, so if you see hints of car reflections, that's why...)

Tidbit for today - praise our elders. They're works of art and may we have half their energy and drive and hardiness when we're they're age. Love and cherish them!

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