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Monday, November 16, 2009

Slim and Eddie in "To Have and Have Not"

One of my top favorite movie dialogs of all - Eddie (Walter Brennan) and Slim (Lauren Bacall), and Harry (Humphrey Bogart) in "To Have and Have Not" -

"Slim: Was you ever bit by a dead bee?
Eddie: Was you?
Slim: Yeah. You know, you gotta be careful of dead bees. They can sting ya just as bad as live ones, especially if they was kinda mad when they got killed.
Eddie: I feel like I was talkin' to myself.
Slim: I bet I've been bit a hundred times that way.
Eddie: Why don't ya bite 'em back?
Slim: I would, only I haven't got a stinger.
Eddie: Oh, I remember you. You're all right. She can come, Harry. It's OK with me. Now I'll have the two of you to take care of, won't I?"

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