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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a song in your heart...

Good medicine - a song in your heart - just being outside fills my heart (and spirit) with song!

On my walk outdoors on Sunday, I took some photos and here are a few. I've created posters, greeting cards and coffee/tea mugs from them, too much fun!

www.zazzle.com/abercot "Park in Spring Poster"

"Park in Spring Greeting Card - front of card"

"Park in Spring Greeting Card - back of card"

"Park in Spring Coffee/Tea Mug - side view"

"Park in Spring Coffee/Tea Mug - middle view"

And, a few more creations - the "Fleurs Alive!" line, thus the "Fleurs Alive!" tote bag and coffee/tea mug. Wake up your senses with this stunning collage of colors - chartreuse, persimmon, turquoise and plum! Brighten your day at your home or office or give as a gift to a special someone for birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, or any day.

www.zazzle.com/abercot "Fleurs Alive! Tote Bag"

"Fleurs Alive! Coffee/Tea Mug - side view"

"Fleurs Alive! Coffee/Tea Mug - middle view"

"Fleurs Alive 2! Coffee/Tea Mug - side view"

"Fleurs Alive! Coffee/Tea Mug - middle view"

There's always more to come, please stay tuned, keep a song in your heart and smile on your face, and HAPPY SPRING!

many smiles today

: )

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