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Monday, December 6, 2010

Tea and Coffee Mugs

Merry Holidays and Happy Hanukkah

I've just created some tea a
nd coffee mugs in my Zazzle shop, using photos I took while visiting New Zealand. This amazing country is so breathtakingly beautiful and I'm hoping to share it, beginning with these lovely tea and coffee mugs.

To visit my shop on Zazzle, please go to www.zazzle.com/abercot and you're there! So easy to order using PayPal. I've purchased many of the items I've created, and I am so pleased with the colors and quality of merchandise!

These would be wond
erful Christmas and Hanukkah gifts, please order soon, the delivery time is about 7-10 days.

Please do visit my Zazzle shop, I'd love to see you! Here are photos of my most recent New Zealand tea and coffee mugs -


"Blue in Bloom Mug"

"Black Tree Fern and Lily Mug"

And, for the train lover in your family, here's a fun gift -

"Freight Train in New Zealand and Cook Strait"

Many smiles

: )

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