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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Doll, Topsi Turvi, Pioneer Hilde

Topsi Turvi Doll

Turn me upside down and inside you'll find

Another doll, smile and all, two dolls, one-of-a-kind!

Pioneer Hilde (named for my Grandmother Garda) is on a journey with her family more than a hundred years ago, in a covered wagon, across the plains of America to a new home in Colorado. She is standing next to a small overnight case used by my Grandmother and my Mother for many years.

She is a topsi-turvi doll, 2 calico dresses, 2 bonnets, 2 faces, a reversible cape and reversible satchel, and she has many stories to tell of friends and families she has met along the way. One of her faces is awake, bright-eyed. The other face is asleep, and she is in her soft yellow flannel nightgown.

She's available in my online shop, www.abercot.etsy.com. Here's her link -

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