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Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

I've been away far too long from my blog...

Busy, quite busy, lately, creating and stitching women's clothing that is light, loose, and comfy (clothing I would wear), and teaching myself (via you-tube, etc.) how to sew on stretchy knits. Stretchy knits are the in fabric for all ages because it stretches to fit your shape, not visa-versa.

I have posted my new creations, as well as more traditional ones I've made over the past year, to my online shop, www.abercot.etsy.com. Please do visit if you have a moment and perhaps you'll see something that strikes your fancy.

Here are some pieces I've posted -

Chartreuse Stretchy Knit Tunic Top 

Chartreuse Stretchy Knit Tunic Top for Women, Bright New-Leaf Green Tunic in Stretchy Knit, Cowl Collar Tunic in Chartreuse

Black and White Zebra Stretch Knit Skirt -

Black and White Zebra Striped Stretch Knit Skirt, Above Knee Striped Stretch Knit Skirt, Black White Mini Stretch Skirt, Zebra Mini Skirt

Earthy Brown and Black Stretch Knit Skirt -

Silver Gray Stripes on Cream Infinity Scarf -

Silver Gray Stripes on Cream Infinity Scarf, Stretchy Knit Fabric Infinity Scarf, Cream and Silver Gray Striped Infinity Scarf

Silver Leaves Floating on White Maxi Skirt -

Maxi Skirt, Soft Silver Leaves Floating on White Maxi Skirt, Silver Leaves on White Stretchy Knit Maxi Skirt, Yoga Band Silver White Maxi

Thanks for visiting and I'll be posting more clothing creations soon...

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